About Us

Nottingham Nature Nook (NNN) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) wildlife rehabilitation center in East Lansing, MI. At our center we raise and eventually release wildlife baby animals and birds, as well as caring for injured adult animals and birds that are brought to us from the public. In 2015 we raised and released: 102 squirrels, 155 rabbits, 7 chipmunks, 5 groundhogs, 2 black foxes, 5 fawns and 83 songbirds. NNN provides an invaluable service to the community by filling the gap left by services that concentrate on domestic animals. Although caring for these animals and birds is a labor of love the costs involved with food, medicine and housing far exceed the donated funds we receive. Nature and the wildlife within in it are the peace, serenity and grounding that so many people seek in our society. Through my work at Nottingham Nature Nook I am the voice of those beings who cannot speak our language and I am the healer and caregiver for all creatures in need.

After working as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the past ten years I have come to realize that the wildlife I heal also heal the people that they connect with. I have found that people will go to extraordinary lengths to save a wild creature and bring it safely to me. The connection that exists between all living beings is felt even stronger when an animal or bird is injured or orphaned. If we look at people, wildlife and nature separately we ignore the energy of life that connects us to one another. In order to bring peace and healing to one we must embrace the whole. When we work to save wildlife we ultimately save ourselves.

My vision for Nottingham Nature Nook is to combine our current wildlife rehabilitation center with a natural sanctuary for wildlife, people and nature. At this sanctuary wildlife that cannot be released back into the wild will live in natural enclosures throughout our property. Paths will be created that lead people from one enclosure to the next. These paths and enclosures will occur in a variety of habitats such as open fields, pine and hardwood stands, wetlands and flower gardens. People can travel these paths alone and find peace in the world of nature, or they can walk with nature guides who will teach them about wildlife, nature and our connection to them. In the spring of 2016 we plan to begin construction on our first new outdoor fox enclosure, as well as work on repairs and improvements to existing outside enclosures. With the help of all our friends of Nottingham Nature Nook I believe we can take the first step into the creation of this healing sanctuary.

With Gratitude and Blessings,

Cheryl Connell-Marsh